Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale!

Again, I apologise on the lateness of this post, deadlines for college is my excuse!

So I went to this AWESOME Vintage Kilo Sale a coupla weeks ago and my oh my, it was like heaven! There was SO MUCH STUFF. And it was SO CHEAP. It was hosted by a Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, and the lovely lady put me on the guestlist to get in early! Basically, you pay £1 entry and are given access to tons of clothes, costing only £15 per kilo! Brought to us at The People's History Museum in Manchester, they had 5 TONNES of clothes and then a whole loada jewellery and accessories on top of that! I had an amazing day digging and rummaging through the giant bins of clothes! And came out with quite a lot of stuff.. Here's what I got.

These shorts used to be quite long but I cut the bottom off and then threw them in the wash to get them to fray at the bottom! They literally haven't left my body since then.

Scored some Levi's for like £3!! Bargainous!

I have literally been lounging round in these every second I get. They're so 90's and Fresh Prince! I love em! I feel like Will Smith would be proud of me.

These are pretty ace as well, still pretty 90's! I was clearly born a decade too late :(

I LOVE this denim dress. It's so cute and I feel so summery in it. It's my new favourite dress, and the most awesome bit is that it fits like a dream! I didn't even have to alter it!

Got this lovely shirt, it's so soft and I love the pattern on it. I can imagine myself in it having a picnic by a lake with  a handsome suitor! 

I got another pair of shorts, just like this but black with white stripes down the side, perfect for a girly twist on the sporty trend this summer!

Fierce leopard ring!
Can we please stop for a minute and appreciate the brilliant and beautiful patterns on these scarves? Especially the red one! Absolutely gorgeous! 
So yeah, all in all, I got 12 things for only £30 altogether! Thats £2.50 EACH! Wowzer. Definitely going to this one again! Go check them out on Facebook HERE.

Big Apologies!!

Big apologies for being absent for so long!! I've finally finished my foundation course though! Woooo! Which is the main reason I haven't been posting so much, I was a typical student and left everything to the end so that I was stressing out and pulling all-nighters. Ahh well. I want to say I'm gonna learn from my mistakes and not do leave it all last minute again, but I think we all know that's not true haha

ANYWAY, here is a few pictures of my final pieces! Modelled by yours truly! (Don't laugh cos I look like a gimp).

Inspired by modern architecture and line and shape! Pretty pleased with em, although I would've like to have not rushed so much :')

I've got lots of posts planned to come up, so keeps your eyes peeled! ;)