Saturday, 27 April 2013

DIY Tutorial: Thrifted Dress Into Cute Skirt and Top!

On my usual scavenge hunts around charity shops I came across a gem of a dress! Sure, it was totally old and a horrible style but the fabric! Oh my days! It had a lot of potential! aha

So anyway, this isn't going to be a full step-by-step tutorial cos it just doesn't need it! Instructions below! :)

All I did was cut above the waistline of the skirt, and then cut it to the length I wanted and then hemmed it all. Sooo easy to do! And you just hem the bottom of the top aswell! I rolled up the sleeves and secured with safety pins as well, just to make it look that much cuter :) 

Peaceeeeee xoxo

Monday, 8 April 2013

DIY Foil Nails

Seen a lot of silver/mirrored nails floating around the Tumblr-sphere lately, and seeing as my inner minimalist has been begging to break out, I decided to give the metallic nail trend a try! It's actually super easy but looks ace!

All you need to do is paint a base colour on your nails, then grab a piece of foil (unscrumpled!) and cut it into thin strips and then place it on your nails with a toothpick whilst they're still wet. Go over with a few coats of clear and you're done! I think they look pretty awesome if I say so myself.. haha
You can do it with any colour and even experiment with different colour foil! Another idea would be to use a hole-punch to cut out circles from the foil and stick them on instead!

Have fun! x