Saturday, 27 April 2013

DIY Tutorial: Thrifted Dress Into Cute Skirt and Top!

On my usual scavenge hunts around charity shops I came across a gem of a dress! Sure, it was totally old and a horrible style but the fabric! Oh my days! It had a lot of potential! aha

So anyway, this isn't going to be a full step-by-step tutorial cos it just doesn't need it! Instructions below! :)

All I did was cut above the waistline of the skirt, and then cut it to the length I wanted and then hemmed it all. Sooo easy to do! And you just hem the bottom of the top aswell! I rolled up the sleeves and secured with safety pins as well, just to make it look that much cuter :) 

Peaceeeeee xoxo


  1. Hi Emma!

    I absolutely love your post, this was such an innovative idea and you've made such a summery outfit!

    I wil enjoy following you,

    Emily x

    Please have a little look at my blog if you have the chance:

  2. Hey Emma, absolutely love your blog!! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, see below:

    Hope your well, also looking forward to actually meeting you in September at notts! Flat 15 all the way haha

    Shellbie xo

    1. Cheers Shellbie! Your blog is awesome btw! and same, Flat 15 is gonna be where its at!! aha xx


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