Monday, 14 January 2013

DIY Fur Trim Beanie Tutorial!

Had this beanie for agesss but I've never worn it! It's a lovely hat but it just falls off everytime I wear it! -_-
And seeing as it has a cute little fur bobble thing on it, I figured lets add a fur trim?!

This is a ridiculously simple tutorial, all you need is:

  • Scissors
  • A hat
  • Some faux fur
  • A needle and thread
  • And your own lovely head! 
I literally had to hold it onto my head whilst taking these...

Measure your head and cut the fur to that length adding about 3cm for seam allowance or just wing it and wrap the fur around your head and cut like I did.. :')
 Place the fur right sides together, so that all the fur is on the inside..
 Then sew it up! I used a sewing machine purely cos it's quicker but it's easy to hand sew aswell, just do a simple running stitch :)
 Then flip it so that the fur is on the inside..

 and fold it widthways so that all you can see is fur!
 Double check and make sure that it fits onto your head. (YAY SNUG)
 Start to sew the fur onto the hat. You should place the unfurry side against the inside edge of the hat and stitch all the way around. Make sure you keep the hat stretched or it will be too gathered in one place!
 Then fold the fur over the edge of the hat so that you can see the fur on the outside. 'Pick-up' some of the fur, pushing your needle in on the fur side of the fabric and pulling it back out on the same side. Then do the same with the next stitch but 'pick-up' wool from the hat this time. This will create a folded edge so that the raw edge of the fur doesn't poke out. And DONE! Now you can take silly pictures of yourself wearing your new fur hat! WOO! :)

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