Thursday, 9 August 2012

DIY Spiked Camo Jacket

So you may have seen that I posted a few days ago about Camouflage Jackets, and after that I did a bit of looking around, trying to find a nice Camouflage Jacket for myself.
One was from Topshop and was 58 pounds.. and the other was from Urban Outfitters and was 48 pounds...

Now, I don't know about you, but I thought that was quite expensive... so, of course, my first thought was to DIY my own with spikes on it! I found a camo jacket at Afflecks in Manchester from the shop Soho's. There is also an army surplus store like next door too, but the one from Soho's fit me a little better. And I'm also pretty sure that its exactly the same as the one from Urban Outfitters.. (pre-spikes ofc)..

So here's what you need to spike up your own camo jacket
-A camo jacket (kind of a must)
-Some studs or spikes of your choice
-And a pair of pliers

Here is the jacket that I bought for a measly 15 pounds!
Next pick where you want to place your spikes. I chose the top of the sleeve and the shoulder area. You can mark where you want them with a piece of chalk if you like but I just kinda eyeballed it, starting from the centre. Push the prongs of you spikes through the fabric, it should go through quite easily, you may just have to push it firmly to make sure they are properly through.

Push the prongs flat with your pliers, you can use your fingers if you want as usually the metal is quite soft and malleable, but it usually hurts my fingers after doing quite a few! aha
You can put as many spikes in as you like, in whatever pattern you like. I went for a standard semi-circle from the shoulder seam.
I wore it with my vintage black Levi shorts and a floral basque from Forever 21.

Happy DIYing! :)

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