Friday, 2 December 2011

London College Trip... (DEATH)

This chandelier was amazing, it was so vast but intricate at the same time. This picture only shows a tiny portion of it. But if you're ever near Tate Britain, you HAVE to go and see it.

these made me feel so christmassy, i love it <3

some bokeh photography from the top of the london eye..
Went on a college trip to London the other week, visited many galleries and mainly felt like deathhhhh. Only because I running to and fro between galleries whilst also trying to take pictures for photography and also trying to eat my dinner...
It was amazing though, I love London, all the architecture is beautiful, the people aren't as friendly as here in Manc, but they're nice enough. I think I need to live there when I'm older, it's an amazing place with so much culture. Like my film teacher once said, "It's like the whole world in one place", (He was awesome) aha ..x
It was a very enriching trip nevertheless haha..

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